No Credit November Challenge, day 1

(If you want to know why I’m doing this challenge, watch here.)

Yesterday my senior citizen neighbor who does not drive asked me if I could take her to Target.  You know, that place with the adorable home decor and the Dollar Deals center that collects women like flies on a sticky trap?  (Sorry, couldn’t resist the imagery. I too have gotten stuck there before.)

I have a reminder question I ask my kids before they go into any store with me:  “What’s the rule?”  And they reply, “No fussing” Well, yes, but the other one.
“No asking for things.”  (They are allowed to tell me they like something, and we admire it together, and I remember if it’s a good gift idea.) Today, it was my turn to apply the rules.

Things definitely were just as cute as in the past, maybe cuter.  Oh, and also very on sale (see sign below).  *Deep breaths.*  But I did it.  I had a will of iron!

Don't look in his eyes!

I saw at least 5 things I would have bought if I weren’t on this challenge because they were all reduced, and I LEFT THEM THERE with their shiny yellow stickers and seductive savings.  I also saw at least 3 things from the Dollar Deals and only looked.

Things I may have chanted:  “I have everything I need.”  “I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that.”  “Don’t even pick it up.”

Day one of the challenge? Whipped it.

However, I do not think we will be saving any money this month after all–bummer. My hubby’s tire tread cracked on the way to work today, so we are replacing the tires (which of course goes into the exceptions to the challenge–health or safety concerns–along with the $3.95 9-V fire alarm battery that we needed to make the alarm stop beeping at us.  Definitely teaches you to make sure you have money saved for emergencies, eh?!)

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