Sheet Pan Frozen Mixed Veggies

One thing I buy frequently at COSCTO is their mixed frozen veggies.  Did you know often frozen veggies have more nutritional value than the ones in your crisper drawer because they have been flash frozen directly from the field rather than sitting in a warehouse or on a shelf in the grocery store for a week?

It has been great to have freshly cooked veggies during this month of no shopping: I just pull them right out of the freezer, pop them on a sheet pan with some olive oil and sprinkle with smoked salt.  No thawing necessary, and if you’re concerned about what microwaves do to nutrition, this is a great way to prepare them instead.    You could also add your favorite spice blend. (I used to enjoy Green Goddess by Penzeys when it was gifted to me a few years ago but I never repurchased.  Need to figure out a DIY for that.) I serve this with baked frozen pizzas on my weekly mental-health night when a lot is going on and don’t feel like thinking about a recipe.  Like tonight, when I’m doing Thanksgiving planning.

1. Cover Sheet pan with frozen mixed veggies, spray or pour and coat with a TBSP olive oil.
2. Flavor with smoked salt and optional spice mix.  (We eat ours plain because it’s still tasty that way!)

4.  Preheat your oven to 425* and bake 20 minutes!  No stirring necessary.  Look at your healthy self now, eating veggies. Easy Peasy.

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