Sensory Processing Disorder and the Clothing Conundrum

I’m kinda feeling like minimalism is out to get me; SPD has put on a minimalist hat and is decluttering my kid’s wardrobe at an alarming rate.

Clothing.  One of the SPD mom’s biggest headaches.
It was 7:30 a.m. this morning, and we were out of pants.  Not because we didn’t have several pairs clean, but because none of them worked for my 5 yr. old.  Didn’t matter that they were all cute and that she WANTED to wear them.  It just mattered that they were “crumbly” (I think she meant bumpy?) or some other intolerable sensation.

Last week my daughter tried REALLY hard to wear some socks, because her shoes were a little loose.  But even the “no seam” socks had detectable bumps, and the socks were vetoed after a minute on her feet. (There went $20.  Why did I buy the 3-pack?!). Smelly little feet, I think we will be spending a lot of time together in the future.

Last month we got rid of some sandals that felt weird.
Yesterday we got rid of one shirt that had ruffled sleeves that she just couldn’t tolerate.

Today we got rid of:

  •  a shirt (that had a strap and button in the sleeve to convert it to short sleeves), brand new
  • a pair of velvety pants (these were the “crumbly” ones)
  • A pair of sweatpants (she picked them out because UNICORNS, but they had a “too tight” ankle ribbing)
  • a pair of pink flower pants (that were “crunchy” or too stiff)
  • a pair of jeans (why did I even try buying jeans? Ugh.)
  • an adorable sweater dress (it felt prickly in the sleeves)

Yes, I see money lost there.  But more importantly, I see a child TRYING to make things work, but the clothes just don’t work for her.  I wouldn’t want to spend each moment of the day feeling distracted and uncomfortable and therefore miserable myself, would you?

So I can hold them loosely and say my child is more important than my expectations of what SHOULD work, and feel glad that someone else will enjoy new clothes soon.

If you’re a SPD Mom, too, I hope you are encouraged that you’re not alone, and know that your child’s sensitive nature enriches the world because of their unique perspective!

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