Make a DIY Lego Block Piñata for Pennies!

My son’s birthday party was something I’d planned for a while…but true to my ADD ways, I procrastinated on some of the details.  Like completing his Lego brick piñata just minutes before guests arrived.  Well, lucky for me, AND you if you are wanting to make a fast yet impressive piñata for a Lego themed party, this project only takes about 20 minutes!  Put that paper maché paste down and don’t look back!

(You can watch the entire process in the video below to craft and chat with me about hosting parties or keep reading!)

The few inexpensive supplies you need are a box from your recycle bin (such as an Amazon box), six disposable cups, some crepe streamer paper and tissue paper in the color you want your piñata to be (snagged mine from the Dollar Tree), rubber bands, glue sticks and a hot glue gun.  My hot glue gun has the cool setting for things like foam, which I recommend using so your disposable cups won’t melt if they’re plastic and not paper like mine were.

1. Start by perforating the edges and tape seams of your box with a box cutter or knife so it will not be indestructible when kids are whacking at it, and add holes and a 12″ bit of string to make a handle (see photo).  If the kids at the party will be small and not especially powerful hitters, add a 3″ door to the bottom and a few pull strings, then secure using a glue stick and some doubled-up tissue paper.

piñata box with hanger

2. Fill with candy, confetti, and little toys and hot glue dot the flaps of your box closed.  Now you’re ready to make the click-on bumps of your lego-style brick! (Well, that’s what I’m calling them anyhow!)

3. While your hot glue gun is heating up, take your disposable cups, carefully pinch in the side of the cups to cut a slit horizontally about 3/4″ from the top rim. Continue to cut around the cup and recycle the bottom cup part, keeping the top rim for the click-shape.

4. Then cut a piece of tissue paper into 4″ wide rectangles, double up your tissue paper and cover the cup rim as if making a drum top, and secure with a rubber band.

5. As soon as your glue gun is ready, eyeball where your 6 click-bumps will go.  (4 for square or 8 if you have a longer rectangle box), and carefully glue around the rim. Press the little “drum” down in the first spot, being careful not to touch the hot glue! Repeat until all are secured.

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 7.16.57 PM
Repeat until desired amount of uh…click-on bumps have been secured.

6. Now grab the crepe paper streamer and some glue sticks and start to mummify…er, wrap every last inch of that gonna-be-awesome piñata box!

That’s it!  Since you’ve used hot glue and glue sticks, this will dry very quickly.  My son’s party guests arrived just as I tidied up the remaining paper supplies, and I felt like a maven when my son “Ooo”ed and “Ahhh”ed over his piñata.  Comment if you you’ve made a piñata without using paper mache or feel free to leave any other comments!

Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 6.10.37 AM
Make this in under 20 minutes!

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