My philosophy is that for something to have ended up in the store, it likely was homemade at one point.  Or at least, probably home-developed.  So I generally assume I can make just about anything, with some education and supplies–and so can you!  I feel empowered not having to deal with the store/manufacturers/marketing all the time!

I love upcycling and handmaking household goods like furniture, decor, drier balls (pictured) and clothes.  “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” is something I heard as a kid, and the TightWad Gazette was my choice reading material as a pre-teen!  (I was am a nerd).  The library how-to section has always been my bestest buddy.

Thanks for following along with my DIY discoveries, enjoying life more by depending less on buying stuff, making it instead!  You can do (seemingly) hard things!
Here are a few of the DIY adventures I’ve taken the time to document online.

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