Here are a few of the DIY adventures I’ve taken the time to document online.

DIY Recipe for Neil Medi/ Neti Pot Rinse
Make a DIY Lego Block Piñata for Pennies!
Frumpy to Fitted Sweater Revamp
Dry Shampoo DIY
Recipe for DIY Corn-Free Baking Powder
DIY: Homemade (Cloth Diaper-safe!) Laundry Goods
Upcycle Retro Sink into Planter
Old Vanity = New Window Seat!
Wreath update

My philosophy is that for something to have ended up in the store, it likely was homemade at one point.  Or at least, probably home-developed.  So I generally assume I can make just about anything, with some education and supplies–and so can you!  I feel empowered not having to deal with the store/manufacturers/marketing all the time.

Thanks for following along with my DIY discoveries, enjoying life more by depending less on buying stuff, making it instead!  You can do (seemingly) hard things!