My philosophy is that for something to have ended up in the store, it had to be homemade at one point.  Or at least, home-developed.  So I generally assume I can make just about anything, with some education and supplies.  I feel empowered not having to deal with the store/manufacturers/marketing all the time!

I’ve learned how to garden for our veggies as well as make my own yogurt, marshmallows, noodles, tortillas and many other things people assume only come in plastic packages at the stores.  While trying to stick to a newer diet avoiding gluten, sugar, and caffeine as well as artificial ingredients and preservatives (including “natural flavors,” which seem to be in everything but aren’t very naturally produced, often with chemical processes that aren’t regulated to be included on packaging info), sometimes it takes some digging to find a good answer!

I started out my body product making as a kid given a gift kit for lip balm (but it included artificial colors and flavors, of course), and now as an adult I still enjoy making my own while avoiding unhealthy ingredients.  I make my own deodorant, baby butt cream, body butter, lotion, hair spray, sunscreen, and have made makeup before as well as I try to avoid toxic stuff.  I want to learn cold process soap making in the near future when I have some uninterrupted time–maybe when the next kiddo goes to school.

The easiest DIY products are cleaning as you don’t need many ingredients to have something that does the job, and well.  I’ve battled mold and mildew effectively, and have disinfected non-washable second-hand soft toys, etc. with inexpensive solutions.

Finally, I love upcycling and handmaking household goods like furniture, decor, drier balls (pictured) and clothes.  “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” is something I heard as a kid, and the TightWad Gazette was my choice reading material as a pre-teen!  (I was am a nerd).  The library how-to section has always been my bestest buddy.

Thanks for following along with my DIY discoveries, enjoying life more by depending less on buying stuff, making it instead!  You can do (seemingly) hard things!