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Wreath update


I have a hard time throwing things away.  If I’m being creative with them, it’s not too much of a problem…like this blue-bird.  It had cute little wire feet, but it got knocked off the shelf and after a few glue-repair jobs that kept failing, I was regretfully considering actually putting it in the garbage.  I’m glad I thought to stick its peg legs in my moss wreath.  The wreath looked kind of sad and skinny without it.  I love the color and springy feel it lends.  The real robins have been nesting under my porch so it looks right at home in my wreath.

I did end up making that retro mint sink into a planter, but my seedlings are still sprouting and I haven’t replanted them so until I have it all planted I won’t post a pic.  But I’m excited about it.  🙂

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A Poem for my Son

No eating play dough!
No eating it in your chair.
And no eating it under there!
It may look like ice cream
But it is not.
And you’re no play-
dough-eating robot.
For the last time, I say!
We’re all done with play dough
If you keep licking it that way.
I love your imagination.
But not your consumption
of germy, dirty play dough.