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Is Boredom why Your Kids are Squabbling this Summer?

How’s your summer going, parents?  Staying sane and happy? It’s been a bit over a week since we got back from vacation, and I am still trying to get the laundry under control…But at least it’s off the couch today! When a mom’s got work to do, there’s nothing so irksome as squabbling kiddos, eh?!

As I try to be productive and get the house back in order, I’ve noticed that to minimize interruptions due to my kids’ arguments, I’ve got to nip their boredom in the bud! I’ll clarify that I believe there is a positive state similar to boredom, which is space for the mind to wander, get lost in imagination, and enjoy not having to do anything at all.  Having opportunity for that can be a very good thing because it leaves space for contentment without busyness.

The problem comes when you get restless and brooding boredom, that tension between pent-up energy and no appealing outlet for it, that often leads to inappropriate expressions.  So, your kids are home from school with you and you want to harness that energy constructively, without resorting to mesmerizing them with screens all day, right? What can you do to banish boredom?

My best boredom-busting tip and survival secret as a mom has been planning OUTSIDE TIME! Maybe it’s that the sensory diet is so rich–ambient noises of birds, the feel of the breeze, the colors and smells of flowers, etc., that seems to soothe tempestuous little people.  In fact, when my kids are in an emotional storm, I often give them an option to head out back to calm down…and it has yet to stop working.

Here’s a list of 4 easy ways you can beat boredom and add some outdoor magic to your summer days:

1.  Paint outside like a master (this is especially ideal for mommas who cringe at the idea of the mess that craft/paint projects can bring with them).  Have the kiddos wear old clothes and head outside with some finger paints and put up some big blank art pages (or recycle by using some newspaper or cardboard) on your fence or shed. (Make sure it’s washable of course.) 


2.  Picnic on your porch or in your backyard. Simple smoothies, watermelon or popsicle/ other snacks count, too. We do this frequently and my kids suggest it themselves often.  I love my covered patio swing because even when I’m worn out, my kids and I can go enjoy some shade and sit together as I rest with a cup of tea in my hands! They usually finish their snack up and scamper off to play nearby while I recharge.

3.  Schedule some Park time We keep revisiting a peaceful sandy spot near a river. It has a swing which appeals to my daughter, and my son loves digging in the sand or catching minnows with his über fun telescopic net!  You could combine #1 and park time for even more cool-mom points! It’s pretty easy to throw together sandwiches and carrot sticks plus yogurt tubes for al fresco fare. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 6.24.49 PM
4.  People, learn about your local historic landmarks! It’s fun!! My family loves history and actually going to historic spots really makes the books about long-past time periods come alive.  (BTW, no need for a gym membership in 1735.  Those buckets are HEAVY!)


Yesterday we found a free event called the Lavender Festival at Hancock’s Resolution, a farm established in 1733 that even included beekeeping education with a working apiary.  (Did you know a queen bee can lay up to 1,000 eggs if needed, and that the workers determine the sex of new bees by what they feed the queen?!)


But, if it’s a rainy day, remember you have indoor options too!  You got this! Go forth and carpe diem!

*I’ve used affiliate links for your convenience should you be interested in obtaining something I mentioned.  Commissions as an Amazon Affiliate member help me out as I provide free content for your enjoyment!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Summer Break: Parents, Don’t let it Break You!

Parents, need ideas to keep kiddos occupied so you don’t go insane…without micromanaging their every move this summer?  AND without them being glued to screens?  I’ll be honest…I was kind of dreading summer, until I remembered I’m in charge of the way things go, and if I determine to plan a fun summer, I’ll most likely get it!  Our family vacation will provide a change of scenery (and checking out dinosaur bones!) but after that, I know I will come back to our everyday reality, and when I do, I’m prepared!  I’ll share what we’re up to as we go along!

The key isn’t to smash a billion activities into the weeks during summer.  That will add stress (to mom, especially), even if you are keeping everybody occupied.  The solution is providing opportunities for self-led play, discovery, and creativity.  And I feel really lucky that my daughter received an ideal birthday gift for montessori-type fun just in time for summer!

This kinetic sand gets my vote for most amount of active playtime in one sitting!  So far, they’ve been playing with it more than any other toy or activity opportunity in our house.  This week since we’ve been back from our trip to Ohio over Memorial day (when we weathered a tornado), it’s been out by my kids’ own volition three days in a row, over an hour each day at a time, and for several hours yesterday morning! And it’s already been out this morning again!

My kids are 5 an 6, but I think it would be a hit for younger and older kids as well! I even like playing with it because it doesn’t leave a weird feeling on my hands like play dough can. 

It’s easy to sweep up if some falls on the floor (but if I’d thought to have them use a rimmed tray that wouldn’t have happened), no drying and gunking things up!  (In fact, another part of occupying themselves has been customizing it with glitter…and you know how glitter gets everywhere…and setting them loose with a cordless hand vac like this one:

Which of course with a lot of praise about their skill and thoroughness makes for a proud, happy kiddo…and mom.)  Check out the full kinetic sand assortment on Amazon if you want to see the different varieties…dino digs, sand castles, Paw Patrol, etc.!)

#Summerbreak #summeractivity #notbored

(*For your convenience, I’ve used affiliate links to the products on Amazon. Saves you time finding the product I’ve talked about, no extra cost if you purchase the item, and helps support me in creating more content!  Thanks so much!)

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A Year in Review

Here’s my recap of the year…plus my little acrylic cardinal in a gum tree painting I did (referencing a photograph I took some years ago to give as a gift this year.)


How can it already be the tail-end of 2017?

This year was full of changes galore!

Aim resolved to ditch coffee at the start of the year

For happier hormones, then nixed even more:

Bye to gluten, artificial ingredients, sugar too…

Energy? Better…But FOOD?! What to do?

Enter electric pressure cooker: I heart you.

DH is supportive and eats the new fare,

But giving up coffee?  Not going there!

He will not part with that caffeinated drink

(Since it makes him nicer and helps him think.)

I’m thankful he brings home the bacon

Using his computeriffic brain.

If snickers and coffee are his worst vices,

I’ll not complain. 😉

Daddy and son make great knights

Protecting Queen-Her-Majesty-is-3 from any frights!

She likes to boss them, but they get the swords!

The dramatics are impressive

With grand fighting words!

Dances with Daddy, followed by boys jousting!

When it’s gotten too destructive,

Mom suggests books—not so rousing!

Son is enjoying pre-K up the road,

And readily does his homework load.

He loves art the most, and his friend Russ.

He likes his teacher, he tells us.

When he’s at home, he likes to build forts

Or read books about history and Star Wars.

This year our brave kid endured a sleep study

(lots of wires!) and had 2 surgeries, no less!

Little Miss is the busiest of all, our threenager girl,

Who talks all the time and loves to twirl.

She colors, sing-narrates each day

And has fashion opinions!

Pink is favorite; she wants more shoes;

You can’t have too many purses!

(This age is harder than twos!

So many emotions! Oy vey!

Yet so very humorous.)

Vacation was fun, to Cape May

Both Aunties with us!

Grandparents visited a bit later,

when we were in need—thankfully

Grandpa’s roofing expertise came in handy!

A busy summer indeed!

Other delightful visits we remember, too.

In 2018, we hope one will be from you

(here on this site)!

Now my attempt at rhymes concludes: We are thankful God made you as we count our blessings and wish you the peace that is sung about in the carol,

O holy night the stars are brightly shining!

It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth.

Long lay the world in sin and error pining

Till he appear’d… 

      For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.  John 3:16

In all our trials —born to be our friend. Truly He taught us to love one another, His law is love and His gospel is peace.

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Old Vanity = New Window Seat!

We are remodeling our master bathroom and while I enjoy doing things the frugal way, I didn’t have the energy to paint or refinish the old vanity.  But then I had a hard time just taking it to the Re-store or tossing it away.  So I told my dad what I was thinking of for our living room: a storage window bench.  Dad is a can-do guy and can build basically anything Mom and I envision.  He used a circular saw to cut off the base sides and kick-board as well as the top drawer area, making it bench height.  Then he sawed the back 5 inches off to make it a narrower length from front to back; then we reattached a back.  We had a sturdy scrap of plywood for the top, which we glued and screwed on, and to which I upholstered this heavyweight fabric over an old blanket and batting.  It’s a great stash for the kids’ books and toys in baskets I found at Aldi.  (But the kids just want to hide inside it.)IMG_2415IMG_2416

*Update: We have moved states since this project, and it held up well and is now used as a shoe storage location near our exit for a tidy solution to kids’ shoes.  I simply put a two-tier shoe shelf inside.  I also keep a little hand broom and dustpan inside in case they track sand inside for quick cleanup.

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Creative Therapy!

Here’s the sink herb-garden planter now that the plants are growing!
The lily-pad looking plant is nasturtium, a spicy edible leaf and flowering plant (kind of tastes like hot raddishes and you can use the leaves and flowers in salads or sandwhiches.  Mine are REALLY spicy so I think I’ll pass. )  There’s kale, baby lettuce, and parsley.


(Above it, if you’re wondering, are vertical-gardening shoe-organizer planters.)

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Postpartum resolution?

I’ve been thinking of writing this post for a while.  I’ve been hopeful but hesitant to say “I’m over it.”  The postpartum days of no energy.  No enthusiasm.  No respite from anxiety, frustration, irritation, random and intense anger at minor things, and feelings of isolation and panic.  But spring has sprung and with it, my excitement and zest for life.  As the freezing weather’s ice and snow melt into memory, I am feeling a renewed vitality.  Thank God that though suffering endures for a season, joy comes in the proverbial morning.

(BTW, Psalm 4 was a true comfort when things really stunk. Praying this scripture for myself was encouraging for many reasons.  It talks about God hearing our pleas and giving relief from our distress.  In verse 8 it says “I will lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.”  While dealing with insomnia and intense fear and worry over something possibly happening to the kids or hubby or myself, this prayer was awesome.  Verses 6-7 talk about God being the one who can show us good, and that he can fill hearts with great joy.  What hope that was for me!  My desire this year is to better understand and know that God-given joy.)

Does this mean I don’t have bad days?  Oh, those still come occasionally.  Usually after low sleep or an emotional bump in the road (like disagreeing with my hubby, discouraging attacks from “friends” emboldened by the distance social media provides, and others’ struggles I don’t know how to distance myself from).  But they are far less frequent and feel more survivable.  Sissy is 10 months old, has 6 teeth, has been crawling for a while and the other day even stood up wobbily.  (I think wobbily should be a word, even if spell check disagrees.)

One thing lately that I’ve found renewed interest in is exercise.  There’s a 90-day fitness challenge Youtube series I’m  doing (sort of…no pressure) that’s designed for moms (so that means kids might be around while you’re working out, and workouts are short and sweet though still challenging).  I decided my munching had gotten out of control when I had to go back up a pants size.  I am less fit now than 3 months postpartum (I had a wedding to be in that had motivated me then)!  Some of the extra muffin-topping might have to do with either using food as a comfort when I’m frustrated with the kids (rather than blowing up) or with the fact that I’m not worrying as much.  Anyhow, the other day I asked Hubby if he’d come home for lunch two days a week so I could do a quick jog around the block without the kids as Sissy napped and my little fireman either ate lunch or watched a show.  So thankful Hubs agreed!  But also…so very sore as a result.

Another thing that has gotten me all excited about life again are all the creative opportunities out there.  The spring displays in the stores, especially bulbs and plants and gardening stuff (even though I don’t really garden at this point in my life), spark a lot of daydreaming as I grocery shop. 🙂  The sprouting bulbs and other flower shoots in my yard got me itching to get dirt under my nails.  While the kids played nearby, either blowing bubbles or discovering sticks to gnaw on (ok, so I didn’t have an eye on Sissy every single second), I got my little shovel down in the soggy soil and scooped up stray plants. Here are the results of my recent spring-spiration (hmmm…not sure if that word works…what do you think?  Spring+inspiration?) :

I’m not entirely sure I will keep the wreath that way, but after my winter leaves and berries dried up and I took them off, I didn’t want to pitch the wreath I had covered in moss from my yard.


I don’t remember what kind of little bulb this was last year, but I didn’t want it to get mowed over this year so I rescued it from the random spots in the yard. (As an aside, isn’t the play set my dad built the kids from scratch and discarded playground pieces like the slide and see-saw-type swing, plus water-barrel-turned-tunnel AWESOME?! Big bro is enjoying what he calls his “fireman ladder” a lot lately.)


This last one I did today with an assortment of yardage (or so I call it), but it’s kind of sad looking.  I’m hoping it perks up but until then, I have make-shift plant stakes (see the brown-twiggy things?  That’s the leftover stems and stake for artificial flowers.  Organic-looking yet keeps my wilty bulbs propped up. 🙂  I feel smaht for coming up with that one!)

I like moss, so it is usually featured in the outdoor projects I do. 🙂

Lots of rain lately.  I kind of like rainy days, but mostly when they are separated by lovely warmish days we get to go outside during.  Soon, I’d like to turn a mint green sink my friend passed on to me into an herb garden planter.  Rather keen on that idea.  Just need a good chunk of time.  Maybe this weekend?!

Friends have been having babies and I’ve been doing nap-time sewing projects for gifts.  That’s always fun.  My favorite gifts are the ones that don’t take very long but the babies love, which are the taggy jingle or rattle toys (probably would also make a good cat toy if stuffed with catnip. haha)  Another quick project are these binkie clips.  Sissy’s not a binkie baby but Big bro sure was, and I found these quite necessary for outings, or boy would we be in for it!

A friend took me to a fabric store in town I’d never been to.  Sensory overload!  Everything was way over my price range (I don’t want to pay more than $4/yard if I must buy fabric new), but I was very inspired.  I have some fabric projects in my think tank now, including a dress for the little miss.

I made vanilla again recently, too. Also bought some soap-making supplies.  Soap-making has always sounded like too much work, but I would truly enjoy learning how to do it now that I’m building my essential oil collection after learning to make chap-stick last year.  Got back into cloth-diapering (it’s day 2.  No promises) after feeling like I’m not so overwhelmed with everything.

I’m optimistic about what the future holds.  Even if there are potholes in the road ahead, it’s good to be excited about traveling down it again.

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DIY: Homemade (Cloth Diaper-safe!) Laundry Goods


After using the following homemade detergent powder for about two years, I am confident in saying that this recipe works very well for us.  You will often see DIY recipes online that include soaps such as fels-naptha or ivory grated up into it, but those really aren’t necessary. In fact, in my research for cost-effective cloth-diaper-safe detergents, I found that soaps like these can actually cause build-up, so I left soap out altogether.  Your clothes still get clean, trust me!  It may not suds up while in your washer (which is a good thing for an HE washer like mine) but it’s doing the trick. 

Soaps are nice for their scents if you like that, but if you have a baby like mine or family member with sensitive skin, you want an unscented option anyway. I may like figuring out how to do things, but I won’t lie; I’m lazy sometimes too and don’t mind skipping the bar-soap grating step!  See those two boxes pictured on my washer?  That’s all that’s in it! (Did you know both Borax and Washing Soda are ingredients in Bum Genius’s official cloth diaper detergent?  That’s how I knew they were cloth-diaper safe before I tested them myself.)  Just measure out a 50/50 ratio of Borax and Washing Soda (NOT baking soda!!!).  I store mine in an ice cream tub with a TBSP scoop.  For my HE washer dirty diaper laundry I use 2 TBSP in the detergent dispenser (hot wash, presoak, heavy duty, extra rinse).  They’ve always come out clean and odorless.  I use this detergent on my regular laundry too, works great with hot or cold, but a normal load only requires 1 TBSP of the powder mix; the bigger the load, the more heaping the scoopful.  Easy peasy.  

Some have questioned the safety of borax but I did research beforehand and have no qualms about using it.  Borax is only harmful when ingested into your body in large quantities or inhaled in large quantities (so don’t go huffing it in while you mix the stuff together; if you’re worried wear a cleaning mask).  You will not be ingesting this, and it will be washed out of your clothes in your washer.  But to each his own; if it’s not your thing, there are other natural options like soap nuts.

So the cost breakdown since I don’t use a bar of soap is less than 5 cents per scoop. I like the sound of that, don’t you?!  You can use this to make a paste to spot-treat, but I still have some spray ‘n wash from my couponing spree 3 years ago…refill lasts forever.  Follow the box instructions for either the washing soda or borax to get an idea of how versatile this stuff is!


Another side-effect of cloth-diaper research before we had our baby was that I found out dryer sheets can cause buildup not only on clothing (especially harmful for diapers you want to be absorbent) but on your dryer itself.  So if I was going to cloth-diaper, I decided I’d better give up drier sheets altogether.  (BTW, I never knew before nor paid attention to the labels on sports-wear that you’re not supposed to use dryer sheets/fabric softeners on those either.)  Oh yeah, and dryer sheets are expensive, even if you have a coupon.  (I’d read about and tried the frugal DIY “drier sheets” using sponges dipped in Downy fabric softener, etc, but again…the cost was no longer the only issue here).

Then I read about dryer balls made out of wool.  Try to buy them and you could be out up to $8 or more per dryer ball.  *cough* Whaaa?!!!  Yeah.  I was not gonna pay that, so I found out how to make them myself.  Some people buy skeins of wool yarn but that’s expensive, too, or you could just go sheer a sheep if you have one, or maybe you have wool lying around in a pile at your house.  I happened to have a Norwegian 100% sheepswool sweater that I paid $1 for intending to swipe the fasteners from it.  It really was a pretty thing overall, but waaaay too shapeless and bulky for me.  So I sacrificed it and made about 10 drier balls out of it.  You only need 3 or so soft-ball sized drier balls to make a difference, but I find 6 is about right for fluffing up and reducing drying time (thus energy cost) when I do a heavy load of diapers.  My former drying time before using drier balls was about 1 hr. and now it’s only 40 min. or so.  We really don’t get static even in the winter (mind you, I hang things like sporty yoga pants so they last longer and fleecy stuff to dry, and those are usually static culprits if you do dry them).  If you like fluffy-bunny-soft towels, you may not like drier balls rather than drier sheets and softeners, but remember those are only soft because they are putting chemicals on the towels and your body.

So the how-to…

1.  Grab your 100% wool sweater or blanket to upcycle into drier balls, and cut it (assuming it’s at least a size medium) into at least 6 even pieces about that you could wrap around a softball with extra overlapping.    Or simply chop the arms likewise like you’re stuffing a sausage, and use the remaining parts  of the sweater (which you can put drops of essential oils like lavender in if you want) to stuff into the pieces in softball sized and shaped wads that you then sew closed by hand, with the raw edges tucked inside.  Don’t worry too much about tight stitches or beauty…the next steps will ensure the dryer balls will not unravel.  

2.  Hopefully you were able to get them to look fairly uniform, but if not, no worries.  Stick them in the leg of an old pair of pantyhose (or you can get those 33cent “eggs” with knee-high stockings in them from Walmart) and tie a knot in between each ball. This will ensure a tight smooth exterior when you felt them next. (This simply means shrinking them so they will no longer unravel even if they were cut)

3. Throw the panty-hose “strand” in your washer on hot with some detergent, then send them through the dryer on the hottest setting to further shrink and dry them.  You can do this a few times until you feel they are firm enough and unlikely to unravel.  

4.  Cut off the stocking, then leave them in your dryer (or let your baby…or cat…play with them.  hmm, should’ve put a jingle bell inside some while I was making them!) You can disperse them evenly throughout your wet clothes when you dry each load, but I never have and they bounce about just fine.  They may be a little noisy bouncing inside the dryer but that’s normal and not a problem unless you think it is.  




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Turning those DIY Ideas into Action!

I often get online to quickly find a way to do something I think should be possible but don’t have the complete knowledge of how on my own.  That’s kind of the point, in my opinion, of blogging posts that include recipes or photos of a process and finished product…this isn’t a bragging forum for me. (Granted, we all feel good when we set our minds out to do something and it works out and we just want to share our excitement.)  If someone wants to find a variety of sources in researching ideas, they may be interested in hearing from an average Jane like me who tried something out before they take the effort to do something for themselves.  How many of you have tried a pinterest pin that didn’t work out and were irked that so many kept-repinning because it looked cool but hadn’t tried it out?  

So here’s my two cents on the following DIY recipe: Image  

Dry Shampoo Recipe for brunettes and redheads: 
Maybe you’ve heard of people using baby powder or cornstarch or baking soda sprinkled in their hair and brushed out as a form of dry shampoo.  I have used the baby powder option for a few years when I don’t feel like washing my oily hair which usually looks greasy every morning. Ok, let me rephrase that…when I don’t have the option of washing my hair because the kid is in melt-down mode, lightning-fast to get into trouble while in the bathroom with me if I tried to shower, or I just really really really needed more sleep that morning (and still probably didn’t get enough). However, I just don’t like the clumping of white on my scalp I have to rub out with a washcloth or baby-powder scent that results.  So the idea of a dry shampoo that doesn’t cost a fortune and is readily available to me per my cabinet was quite appealing.  I saw a recipe online of cornstarch/arrowroot powder (plus a smidge of baking powder if desired) for blondes, then was glad to also have the suggestion of one for brunettes, which added cocoa powder.  (For a costume party once I tried adding cocoa powder to mousse for darkening my strawberry blonde hair…total fail with brown dust flaking off my head…I washed it and went natural again.  Anyhow, the goal here this time wasn’t to darken my hair temporarily, but to match the color of my hair when I need an extension in the time in-between washes).  

I didn’t actually see the recipe I wanted for making it work for redheads (could have possibly been out there but I just didn’t find it as I have limited online-time with a toddler vying for my constant attention; I am taking a break typing this during naptime).  I found one recipe that used paprika…which I think smells funny, but some who commented on the arrow-root cocoa-powder recipe blog post wondered if cinnamon powder (very finely ground) would work.  The author (since this recipe and concept weren’t  original nor limited to the person, I don’t feel I need to name names but just know I didn’t think this one up) also suggested using a little spice jar with the sprinkle tops to store and apply.  My son plays with old spice containers since he loves to mimic me cooking, so luckily I had one of the pumpkin pie-spice little shakers to swipe from his stash….Unfortunately, haven’t found the cap to seal it, which I recommend doing: sealing so it doesn’t absorb moisture, especially if you store yours in your bathroom cabinet like I do.  Of course I wanted to test out the cinnamon coloring idea for myself. So here’s what I did.

Dry Shampoo for Strawberry Blondes 
I really don’t follow recipes exactly and everyone has different shades of hair, so why give measurements?  I just did it this way for my recipe; add more or less of anything as you like to achieve the color you need:

Fill small spice bottle almost 1/2 full of arrowroot powder, then the other 1/4ths with cocoa powder and cinnamon powder, topping off the container with some baking soda if you want.  Some find the last ingredient irritating so you can leave it out.  There is a recipe floating on the web that uses mainly baking soda, but I find that way too gritty.  

Again, you can use cornstarch instead of arrowroot powder, but I liked the idea of arrowroot having soothing, antibacterial properties.  A frugal way to purchase arrowroot powder, since if you’ve noticed in the spice aisle of your grocery store it’s pretty pricey in the little spice bottle, is to buy arrowroot flour in larger amounts instead–it’s the same thing!! (check the gluten-free baking area of the store, or order online in bulk like I did—I just got a lb. for $6 since I planned to use it in homemade diaper cream and other body products).

 I’m here to say having tested it out several times the last few weeks to say I’m decently pleased with the result.  I would recommend applying over your sink BEFORE getting dressed for the day, brushing it through your hair, then flipping your head down, grabbing the ends of your hair, and shaking the excess out after it’s done its oil-absorbing wonders on your hair.
I have bangs so that part of my hair and the front sides get the greasiest, so that’s really only where I need to sprinkle the stuff, plus maybe at the nape of my neck.  Here’s the didn’t-wash my-hair-today, dry-shampoo result for my fine (and kinda thin) hair:

No more stringy, greasy strands!

Aaand, here’s a pic showing my hair 3 days without a wash, just having used the dry shampoo. Pretty freeing stuff to a person who is used to showering every morning!

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Mountain Life

If you’re sitting there reading this in the comfort of your own home, be thankful you are not at a public library like me, sitting next to stinky Pete (surely he’s heard of deodorant?) and trying to also ignore the sound the yowly mountain singer and her (I’m assuming—I saw red lipstick) banjo backup (Thur. night library special entertainment…so much for quiet).  I have nothing against banjos, mind you, except while I’m trying to concentrate.  But, PTL I have working senses, right?  On to my post…

Is there something you’ve decided to do just because the end result helps you realize some of the potential you had an inkling you possessed, but weren’t quite sure of until you have completed or are in the process of accomplishing your goal?  Maybe one day you thought, “The status quo me is acceptable, but who wants to be satisfied with a static existence?”  Maybe you’re always looking for a challenge that makes you feel more alive as you tackle it.  
            I have friends that have wowed me with their decisions to do what I think are really difficult things, but what eventually become to them no big deal.  For example, friends have given up sugar or processed foods.  If I think about it seriously and consult the research, I can come up with lots of good reasons for such a move, but my gut reaction is, “Why would any sane person do that?!”  This mentality doesn’t do me any favors when it comes to my cookie dough addiction, while they’re enjoying a healthier lifestyle, for sure.
             Other friends who were never really runners before have decided to do a “couch to 5k” or more, and keep up the running habit.  Phew.  I get tired just thinking about that one.  For the past year I’ve lived a pretty sedentary life, saying, “Oh, I just had a baby.”  (Well, I’ll give myself a little credit; there was the occasional lengthy walk or jog with the spiffy [second-hand— we’re true thrifters in my family] jogging stroller Grandma and Grandpa got Baby).    
            Partly because things have the tendency to become monotonous as a homemaker, with the constant doing and redoing of household tasks, I decided to start being more daring.  It’s not that I haven’t been daring in the past.  The Costa Rica trip was partly a trip to prove to myself that I can be independent and was sorta daring, in my book. Also, I decided to cloth diaper my kids to prove that I could survive without disposables and save money that way, too.  Some might call cloth diapering daring, I guess, because it’s departing from the general comfort zone of modern parenting (though lately coming back into popularity—at least you’ll hear about it more).  Believe it or not, if you’re not a cloth-diapering-momma who reads this and instantly feels a bond with me (*wink*), I am not a slave to my washer.  But aside from those things, a few days before my 20-something birthday I thought how I couldn’t really name too many “daring” things I’ve got on my resume´.  So: enter more-daring me!

The saga begins…
            A few months ago I decided to fully support my husband’s dream of a new job with college buddies in the Smoky Mountains.  So we (I—Hubs had other work to deal with) packed up our household and got our home ready to rent out all the while with a baby attached to a leg –or unpacking stuff I’d just packed–in a little over a month. (Ok, I admit it, we had lots of help from friends!  Thanks, guys!)  Several states apart from all of our family and my friends, we moved to a beautiful little town and found out our mountain home couldn’t get internet.  Well, sheesh—I wanted to be daring….but not live-without-internet daring! Please, don’t take facebook away from me!  Gah! Hahaa. A friend described where we live—up a long gravel mountain drive that looks more like a dried up river bed than a road—as long-term camping.  Complete with spiders the size of tarantulas!   
            The sedentary lifestyle was starting to bother me, in a new location, sort of suffering from cabin fever, with a toddler constantly demanding my attention and energy.  Even though naptimes are about the only time I get to rest, it usually seems like a waste to nap or veg too.  I finally have some uninterrupted time!  And while sweating and huffing and puffing with a side ache doesn’t sound fun to me, I decided to challenge myself and began to jog during naptime with the goal being to do this every other day.  I might actually be up to a mile jog now!  (It’s ok if you laugh. It’s big for me, though. The goal is every other day, but doesn’t always happen.  I blame the rain.  <_<      >_>)
            While rifling through my dresser looking for some p.j. pants and not finding any (did I mention I need to work on organization, too?), I decided it was high time I use that flannel material stashed away, which has been hiding for probably 5 years now.  It was actually a flannel sheet (with pretty blue sky and white clouds printed on it) with a little rip in it, but still usable yardage.  I have altered clothes before, but aside from aprons I have never made myself clothing to wear, that I can recall. Patterns scare me.  Especially pants patterns.  The crotch part looked too complicated to sew.  But I mustered up some courage and decided I would conquer a pattern for p.j. pants.  It was multi-size, and I must have gotten it used, because THANKFULLY it was already cut out.  I might be a little lazy at times, and when I spur-of-the-moment decide to do something creative, I don’t like delays.  Hubby says I could grow in patience, and he’s right. J  If the pattern wasn’t already cut out, I would have found the idea of sewing pants even more daunting.  I was actually able to finish the p.j. pants in one day, with no issues!  Woohoo!  My toddler was especially interested in “helping” so I had to work around the kiddo, but with him on my lap (definitely had to swat his hand away from creeping too close to the needle several times) happily making “sewing machine” noises (“brrrRRRrrrBrrrrRRrrr!) the work flew by. I put them on and they fit just right! I should ease up on the cookie dough, or they won’t for very long, though.  Tonight is surprisingly chilly, and can’t wait to slip on my p.j.s and snuggle up to a cooking magazine and some tea after the baby’s in bed! 
            Well, I’ll close this long post with the question, “What are you going to challenge yourself with in the near future?”

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A friend had a microwave cart that needed some lovin’.  I’ve always loved doing makeovers, and I couldn’t resist this time, even though I should have been packing.  (There might be theme going, here.  “Packing Procrastination” or something.)   The cart used to have some doors on it, but the magnetic latch parts were still there.  BabyHandyMan helped remove them so they were no longer distracting to the eye.  Then I took a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to the top and removed most all of the stains (except some barely noticeable marker (?) coloring) and tape and brightened the whole thing up.  Oooo.  Aaaaand then I noticed it also removed the wood-shine and made it look sunbleached.  Oops.  Magic Eraser worked a little too well.  So I wiped over it all with vinegar to remove any extra stuff and rubbed in some baby oil.  Tadah!!!  Lookin’ new again!

DSC09365 DSC09370