No Shopping November: But Baby it’s Cold Outside!

I looked through my clothes last week and realized I had ONE everyday sweater shirt to wear…and it was in the laundry pile.  Also, it was freezing outside.  Bummer.  Normally, I’d run to the thrift store and pick a few out, wash them and be good to go.  But nope.  This is NO SHOPPING NOVEMBER,…

Summary of No Shopping November Challenge, wk 1

Sometimes when inconvenient things like these happen, it can be easier to say “Let’s go to Starbucks and treat ourselves!  We’ve been through a lot!” But nope, sticking to the challenge despite the unexpected things. 

Two words I’m going to keep repeating this November no matter the challenges that may keep coming: Thankfulness and Intentionality.  (And thank YOU for intentionally spending time reading this!)    

No Credit November Challenge, day 1

(If you want to know why I’m doing this challenge, watch here.) Yesterday my senior citizen neighbor who does not drive asked me if I could take her to Target.  You know, that place with the adorable home decor and the Dollar Deals center that collects women like flies on a sticky trap?  (Sorry, couldn’t resist…