Intentional Living

I don’t want life to just happen to me.  I’ve got bigger plans than that…

The Gift of Generosity

Intentional Finances
No Shopping November: But Baby it’s Cold Outside!
Summary of No Shopping November Challenge, wk 1
No Credit November Challenge, day 1
I did WHAT to Save Money?
After a Week of the No-Credit Challenge 2018
The No-Spend Month Conclusion 2018

Intentional Lifestyle
Intentional MOMents: Body Image and our Daughters
Looking back…to the future
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Intentional Parenting
Teaching Kids to Set Goals (and ditching Entitlement!)
Representin’….the Stay-at-Home Life
How Being Intentionally Involved Moms Invites Joy Into our Lives
High Expectations or Just a High Price?
Is Boredom why Your Kids are Squabbling this Summer?
Summer Break: Parents, Don’t let it Break You!

Intentionally Dealing with Life Challenges
If You’re a Mom Struggling with Depression, Fatigue or Other Chronic Health Issues, you’re NOT Alone!
Sensory Processing Disorder and the Clothing Conundrum
My Favorite SPD Books and Resources for Families
Pursuing Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis
Since Pursuing a Spectrum Diagnosis
Mental Wellness