No Shopping November: But Baby it’s Cold Outside!

I looked through my clothes last week and realized I had ONE everyday sweater shirt to wear…and it was in the laundry pile.  Also, it was freezing outside.  Bummer.  Normally, I’d run to the thrift store and pick a few out, wash them and be good to go.  But nope.  This is NO SHOPPING NOVEMBER, REMEMBER AMY?!!!  *facepalm*

But then I had an idea.  I would simply swipe my one of my hubby’s sweaters!  

Ok, so it was a little baggy on the sleeves.  I didn’t look too shabby, I thought.  My daughter (who is 5) noticed right away after I walked into the room and asked, “Mommy, why are you wearing Daddy’s shirt?”  The hubs just laughed.

I feel like a minimalist ninja.

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