Turning those DIY Ideas into Action!

I often get online to quickly find a way to do something I think should be possible but don’t have the complete knowledge of how on my own.  That’s kind of the point, in my opinion, of blogging posts that include recipes or photos of a process and finished product…this isn’t a bragging forum for me. (Granted, we all feel good when we set our minds out to do something and it works out and we just want to share our excitement.)  If someone wants to find a variety of sources in researching ideas, they may be interested in hearing from an average Jane like me who tried something out before they take the effort to do something for themselves.  How many of you have tried a pinterest pin that didn’t work out and were irked that so many kept-repinning because it looked cool but hadn’t tried it out?  

So here’s my two cents on the following DIY recipe: Image  

Dry Shampoo Recipe for brunettes and redheads: 
Maybe you’ve heard of people using baby powder or cornstarch or baking soda sprinkled in their hair and brushed out as a form of dry shampoo.  I have used the baby powder option for a few years when I don’t feel like washing my oily hair which usually looks greasy every morning. Ok, let me rephrase that…when I don’t have the option of washing my hair because the kid is in melt-down mode, lightning-fast to get into trouble while in the bathroom with me if I tried to shower, or I just really really really needed more sleep that morning (and still probably didn’t get enough). However, I just don’t like the clumping of white on my scalp I have to rub out with a washcloth or baby-powder scent that results.  So the idea of a dry shampoo that doesn’t cost a fortune and is readily available to me per my cabinet was quite appealing.  I saw a recipe online of cornstarch/arrowroot powder (plus a smidge of baking powder if desired) for blondes, then was glad to also have the suggestion of one for brunettes, which added cocoa powder.  (For a costume party once I tried adding cocoa powder to mousse for darkening my strawberry blonde hair…total fail with brown dust flaking off my head…I washed it and went natural again.  Anyhow, the goal here this time wasn’t to darken my hair temporarily, but to match the color of my hair when I need an extension in the time in-between washes).  

I didn’t actually see the recipe I wanted for making it work for redheads (could have possibly been out there but I just didn’t find it as I have limited online-time with a toddler vying for my constant attention; I am taking a break typing this during naptime).  I found one recipe that used paprika…which I think smells funny, but some who commented on the arrow-root cocoa-powder recipe blog post wondered if cinnamon powder (very finely ground) would work.  The author (since this recipe and concept weren’t  original nor limited to the person, I don’t feel I need to name names but just know I didn’t think this one up) also suggested using a little spice jar with the sprinkle tops to store and apply.  My son plays with old spice containers since he loves to mimic me cooking, so luckily I had one of the pumpkin pie-spice little shakers to swipe from his stash….Unfortunately, haven’t found the cap to seal it, which I recommend doing: sealing so it doesn’t absorb moisture, especially if you store yours in your bathroom cabinet like I do.  Of course I wanted to test out the cinnamon coloring idea for myself. So here’s what I did.

Dry Shampoo for Strawberry Blondes 
I really don’t follow recipes exactly and everyone has different shades of hair, so why give measurements?  I just did it this way for my recipe; add more or less of anything as you like to achieve the color you need:

Fill small spice bottle almost 1/2 full of arrowroot powder, then the other 1/4ths with cocoa powder and cinnamon powder, topping off the container with some baking soda if you want.  Some find the last ingredient irritating so you can leave it out.  There is a recipe floating on the web that uses mainly baking soda, but I find that way too gritty.  

Again, you can use cornstarch instead of arrowroot powder, but I liked the idea of arrowroot having soothing, antibacterial properties.  A frugal way to purchase arrowroot powder, since if you’ve noticed in the spice aisle of your grocery store it’s pretty pricey in the little spice bottle, is to buy arrowroot flour in larger amounts instead–it’s the same thing!! (check the gluten-free baking area of the store, or order online in bulk like I did—I just got a lb. for $6 since I planned to use it in homemade diaper cream and other body products).

 I’m here to say having tested it out several times the last few weeks to say I’m decently pleased with the result.  I would recommend applying over your sink BEFORE getting dressed for the day, brushing it through your hair, then flipping your head down, grabbing the ends of your hair, and shaking the excess out after it’s done its oil-absorbing wonders on your hair.
I have bangs so that part of my hair and the front sides get the greasiest, so that’s really only where I need to sprinkle the stuff, plus maybe at the nape of my neck.  Here’s the didn’t-wash my-hair-today, dry-shampoo result for my fine (and kinda thin) hair:

No more stringy, greasy strands!

Aaand, here’s a pic showing my hair 3 days without a wash, just having used the dry shampoo. Pretty freeing stuff to a person who is used to showering every morning!

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  1. Leah says:

    Good idea! I use the arrowroot powder/cocoa powder recipe nearly everyday but I think I’ll try adding a little cinnamon now since the color is a little too matte brown for my hair color. 😀

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