Shoulder or Back Pain? Consider Minimalizing your Purse!

Minimalizing your purse can provide relief from back and shoulder pain, as well as being unable to find your keys, phone, or a pen lost in the abyss of a big bag! Once the diaper bag was retired, however, I still felt the need to keep everything at the ready. In reality, I couldn’t find half of it if I wanted to, never remembered what I had in there, and ended up keeping more trash in it (also found a piece of dog food once, too, hah! If you want, watch me declutter and minimalize my purse in this video here…heck, declutter yours too!)

Well, after being a big-purse proponent half my life and injuring my preferred-purse-carrying shoulder, I finally made the switch. I realize now it was just my anxiety telling me I needed all that stuff “just in case.” I can’t remember the last time I needed to use that heavy little pair of pliers or reusable stainless steel telescopic straw. And if it wasn’t anxiety telling me to keep things at the ready–like wanting to carry a book with me–then I realized I could keep things in my vehicle’s glove box instead!

Here are some inexpensive, unique cross body bags if you too are ready to minimalize your accessories (or junk, like the contents of my former big purse) and just carry the essentials.

At around just $10, these are easy on the budget and the eyes!
Simple and Cute or Fun and Funky
( Click on your favorite purse to find it on Amazon today!*)

*Disclaimer: These are affiliate links, which means that as an Amazon Affiliate, at no extra cost to you I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. This helps me continue to bring you great content! Thanks so much for your support!

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