Chai Tea Latte Recipe

This is the Chai tea I’m always talking about in my Youtube videos (in particular, this one about motivation for moms and this one about spring cleaning/staying sane during social distancing).
You can make it on the stovetop or in your Instant Pot!
Chai tea Concentrate: 

DIY Authentic Chai Tea Concentrate for Lattes
3 qts boiling water (or in the instant pot for 4 minutes)

1 tsp dried peppercorn

1 tsp clove buds

4-5 star anise pods

1.5 tsp (about 12) green cardamom pods

1-2 tbsp (or 4 teabags) rooibos (it’s decaf/herbal) tea or black tea

3 large cinnamon sticks

1 inch frech ginger (3 medallions 1/3” thick)

Using a mortar and pestle or hammering them in a lunch sack (hey, make do with what you got, right?!) crush the dried spices to release their flavor better, and toss them in the boiling water.  Boil 10 minutes then turn the stove off. Allow to steep 10 minutes or more until desired strength is reached. Strain spices* and tea and serve with milk and maple syrup to taste  (in ratios like you do creamer and coffee together). *(You can actually re-use your spices at least once, just let them steep longer before draining.)

To make a latte, froth milk (I like vanilla almond-milk) and 1-2 tsp maple syrup for light sweetener, or for larger mugs/sweeter flavor, use 1-2 TBSP. Add tea.

chai tea ingredients (best prices I found on Amazon…but check your local Asian grocery first! These are affiliate links. More info below.)


Green cardamom pods
Cinnamon Sticks, Whole Cloves, and Star Anise – Bulk Spices – 3 Pack
rooibos tea bags (use 4-5 per pot)
Tea/spice strainer I wish I had !

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