FREE “Smart Kids’ Goal-Setting” Printable: Leading Our Kids Intentionally

Well, parents and teachers, maybe you and your peers are thinking of your New Years’ goals…How about your kids?  Have you introduced the idea to them yet? About 5 is a good age to truly start grasping that they can achieve some big things when you give them the opportunity, instead of handing them everything they want, which breeds entitlement and other problematic characteristics.   Studies in development and psychology show that children have a better sense of self efficacy, self-respect, and life satisfaction when they envision a goal and persevere to achieve it. That’s why I designed these FREE goal-setter printables for the kids in your life who want to be exceptional (boy themed and girl themed, if that matters to them).

The idea came to me when I was trying to become a more positive parent, instead of saying “No, you don’t need_____” or “Nope, I won’t buy you ______,” to my kids.  My son wanted something (and I was pretty sure he’d change his mind in short order), and I didn’t want to have to argue with him about it.

Well…he ended up taking his savings of $24 (pretty good for a 7 yr. old that doesn’t get many handouts or an allowance) and buying himself a really nice Fireman outfit at Costco earlier this year.  I was so proud of him; but more importantly, he was proud of himself!  So, print some of these out for your crew and get building an AMAZING 2020 that they can look back on and feel a great sense of accomplishment!

If you think this is a stellar resource and want to treat me to a chai tea latte, I won’t refuse! Thanks!

P.S. I’m pleased to share the video below on the topic because it is a culmination of some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the past couple years. Also, I made a physical product that viewers can grab, and that’s kind of exciting to me. If you watch the video, note that commenting on Youtube has the added benefit of boosting me in the algorithm, which helps people find my channel.

One of my 2020 goals is to hit 1,000 subscribers which would allow me to become monetized so my time-consuming video-making and editing hobby can help support OT, vacation funds, etc. So if you know of anybody who is interested in minimalism and intentional, creative living, feel free to share my channel with them! I hope you have an amazing New Year full of growth, too!

*A note on printing the entire PDF successfully: YOU NEED TO SELECT “Print Entire Image” or the bottom will get cut off a bit.  printer instructions for goals

These are for PERSONAL USE ONLY, and my design or any portion of it in any form may not be distributed for profit in any way.

Smart Kid’s Goal-Setting Printable (Boy theme)
Smart Kid’s Goal-Setting Printable (Girl theme)

Want to say thanks? I love chai tea lattes!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    These are really cool goal setting sheets!

  2. artchickamy says:

    Thank you, Stephanie! So glad you think so!

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