A friend had a microwave cart that needed some lovin’.  I’ve always loved doing makeovers, and I couldn’t resist this time, even though I should have been packing.  (There might be theme going, here.  “Packing Procrastination” or something.)   The cart used to have some doors on it, but the magnetic latch parts were still there.  BabyHandyMan helped remove them so they were no longer distracting to the eye.  Then I took a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to the top and removed most all of the stains (except some barely noticeable marker (?) coloring) and tape and brightened the whole thing up.  Oooo.  Aaaaand then I noticed it also removed the wood-shine and made it look sunbleached.  Oops.  Magic Eraser worked a little too well.  So I wiped over it all with vinegar to remove any extra stuff and rubbed in some baby oil.  Tadah!!!  Lookin’ new again!

DSC09365 DSC09370

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