Hubby’s Secret Smoothie Blend

…I guess it’s not a secret once I tell you…

but it was really good…

and I’m not a selfish person, am I?

So I’ll share:

I was skeptical about this combo.  It sounded REALLY weird.  I did the wifely eye-brow raise. Yet Tim bravely ignored my cynicism.


He blended strawberries….with milk and vanilla creamer…and frozen cubes of vetoed caramel-flavored coffee.


The origin of the cubes of flavored coffee is not a proud one.  I tried to make him a cup of coffee before work.  A cup of instant coffee, mind you.  And I failed.  I followed the directions!  And I only put the correct serving amount of the caramel flavor in it, too!  Problem was, I wasn’t supposed to add additional sweetener.  Oops.  It was like cotton candy on steroids.  Ew. But sweet hubby of mine said when he saw my disappointment, “Uh…I’ll just drink it anyway” (cute smile).  Then I tasted it and said, “This is disgusting.  Let’s try again” (and then he made his own. lol.  And I froze the rejected beverage.)

The caramel coffee cubes were quite good in a vanilla icecream shake.  But in a strawberry smoothie???  He thinks outside the box.  And it worked!  Yup.  The smoothie disappeared almost instantaneously.  And then he gloated, reminding me of my eye-brow’s recent unnecessary workout.  *sigh*  Yes, honey…I was wrong (and you were right).  The Smoothie King triumphs.

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