My Panera Bread Bowl “Pita Chips”

I love Panera bread bowls filled with yummy soup.  Just to the right amount of soup, and then fluffy warm bread to scrape out from the inside of the “bowl”. But then you’re left with the crust. And usually, I’m really full by then.  But I don’t wanna waste the superb crust!!!!  Oh, it’s so good!  If only I had the digestive system of a cow, and then I’d NEVER waste food.  (ok, not really, because I’d be as big as a cow.  Probably not good.) I had my baguette left, too.  (I’m not THAT healthy that I get the apple, and the chips don’t appeal to me). So I went up to the counter and asked for a to-go bag (and that scone that somehow got left off my order…perhaps I over-ordered carbs, huh? lol).  And yes, I did take home the bread bowl.  

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