Some things never change…

Hey Howdy Hey…

It is now 2011, and I rediscovered this site.  Whaddya know, I still like food!  Except nowadays I’m trying to eat less dessert (GASP) and more fresh fruits and veggies, cuz I’m agittin old and my body doesn’t burn the calories like it used to.  I’m trying to exercise more, too.  Wow, you get boring when you age. 

Anyhow, FOOD.  I cook for my hubby and myself most of the time, and try to entertain once in a while.  My favorite thing to cook for guests that’s a bump up from spaghetti and salad is chicken alfredo pasta (see the link for the recipe!) , salad, and homemade french bread.  

This pic is of braided french garlic bread slices which just happens to resemble bunny wabbits!  You never know what fun you’ll find when you’re in the kitchen!!  (They wanted to be near the salad).

 I don’t exactly follow recipes, I just use them as guidelines unless they say the world will end if I don’t.  So I plan to share those general recipes, and you should tweak them to your tastes.  Another recipe I really like is my gramma’s lasagna recipe, which I changed to not include my beloved black olives (I have a picky but sweet hubby), and I like to add a layer of steamed summer squash and zucchini.  More to come, from the House of Yum.

Oh yeah, and easy and cheap make-it-yourself HUMMUS!!!  

Next time (whenever my homework is done…) on your long-lost beloved foodie network!

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  1. smd4christ says:

    Welcome back….2 years later It’ll be good to see the recipes you put up!

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