The Best Cookies EVER!!

Heh….guess who forgot her password?    Good thing I had that epiphany and it came back to me.  “It’s like lightning just struck my brain!”  <—name that movie (without googling!!) and get a kajillion cool points!

Okeedokee…This is my favorite cookie recipe.  I’ve made these so many times I have the recipe memorized.  If I have a party to go to, I normally take these and there usually aren’t any left on the plate.  AND I get lots of compliments, besides…I’d like to think it’s because I’m such a swell baker…but really, it’s just a great and easy recipe.  If they don’t turn out spectacularly, it’s not the recipe; it’s…(sorry)…you or the ingredients…I’ll bet it’s the ingredients.  But like they say in Ratatouille…”Anyone can cook!” so let’s think optimistically, k?

~~~~~~~~Chocolate Chippers~~~~~~~~

3 doz. 3 in. cookies,   9-11 min. @ 375 degrees

3 cups flour         1/2 cup oil     1/2 oleo (margarine/butter)     1 cup white sugar        3/4 cup brown sugar            1 teaspoon vanilla extract            2 eggs           3 cups flour        1 teaspoon baking soda       1 teaspoon salt         1 cup chocolate chips …..mmmmmm

Beat oleo, oil, sugars, and vanilla until creamy.  Beat in eggs.  Gradually add dry ingredients ( I mix these together in a separate bowl to avoid nasty baking soda or salt chunks in the cookies).  Stir in chips.  Eat a lot of cookie dough.  Shape into small slightly flattened spheres and bake.   Eat a lot of cookies. 

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