My First Whole Room Interior Design Challenge

A couple gallons of oops paint, check.
Small budget, check.
Even smaller room, fully cluttered, check.
Muscles for furniture moving, check.
Donate bin, check.
Let’s do this!

My goal was to create a minimalistic look but with maximum fun, a functional and fan-worthy design for a tough 7 year old critic. (Tim Gunn isn’t even as particular as this kid.) I’m happy to say there were ZERO complaints with the outcome! Check it out from start to finish…beginning with a VERY messy collection of clutter and ending with a Superhero’s smile.

Huge Creative Goal, check.

I reused items we already had including a college dorm chair, but made it extra comfy and in style with a DIY midnight blue velvet re-cover job. The nesting shelves were from my son’s old nursery (which had been in a box for 6 years because we kept moving and they were a pain to put up).

The thrifted bureau had a circular wooden mismatched knob for the pull-out desk handle. Perfect opportunity for Batman Logo!

For more storage in his tiny room, I used a pre-existing storage cubby as his headboard like I’d done in our master bedroom when I couldn’t find a storage bed-frame I liked well enough to spend money on.

I tried to add height to the room by even painting the ceiling and drawing the eyes upward. (Plus it was fun to make a “spidey-web” hanger for my “spidey”-plant…I’m a total pun-nerd.)

This was my favorite moment of the whole reveal. That smiling face!

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