A Room Full of Joy

Night to Shine Guests and Buddies hearing the names of the Prom Kings and Queens to be crowned (each of them).

Last night I was in a room full of the most joy you can pack into a building. When is the last time you you whooped uninhibited and danced like nobody was watching? My church hosted Night to Shine with the Tim Tebow foundation and the guests were a lot more fun than most people I know, (no offense). I finally got a Buddy to go to the Prom with! (AND we rode in a limo! How cool.) By the way, some of the guests were SERIOUSLY talented on the dance floor. I saw splits, break dancing, and all kinds of moves a previous homeschooler like myself couldn’t dream of being skilled enough to do.

I talk about guarding my time as a SAHM and not volunteering more than a few times a month so stress stays pretty low and I can have the emotional capacity to give my best to my family. Let me tell you that this is one of those volunteering experiences that energizes you and fills your heart with exuberance for life again! Anyone who thinks all people have innate value would not walk away from volunteering without feeling like the world is a brighter place seeing all the smiles in there. It is worth the blisters on my feet. (When your Night to Shine Buddy wants to dance 3 hours, you GET ON THAT DANCE FLOOR! Even if you have no idea how to.)

I loved how most of the guests knew the songs and not only danced but sang to them. Everyone in that room was cheering each other on. If you ever wanted a friend who would love unconditionally, the best of them were in that room last night.

I think people without disabilities would be a lot more joyful if we could love like that. If we loosened up and learned how to sing and express joy like these guests. We need to learn how to have fun again, not caring what anybody thinks we look like while we do so. I’m thankful our world is blessed by people with special needs, and was honored to be able to support them and their families last night. Knowing that life has challenges but there’s room for joy is something all people need to know.

Hope to see you at next year’s Night to Shine!

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