Gluten-Free DIY Panko Replacement

Guys, this may be one of the few times you can be truly glad you’re gluten-free…because homemade panko got way easier than the Pioneer woman’s bread-drying and hand-grating method (love her…just not that much work.) All you need is a few cups of plain rice cereal like Chex (Great Value works just fine) and a blender.  You can add your own spices for whatever flavor you’re going for.  Some ideas are like a teaspoon of onion and garlic powder, cumin, and paprika.

Or for low FODMAP skip the onion and garlic, use dried chives instead, and add thyme, pepper and paprika along with some smoked salt like I did the other night (see pic).
BB92DAE6-48C4-4B34-A697-F8D64FE061FD_1_105_c.jpeg  Go easy on the salt.  You can always add more later! If you can have cheese, mixing mozzarella into a bowl full of the panko-replacement plus Italian seasoning would be amazing!

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