Back to Civilization….and internet.

It’s only 8:40 p.m. as I start this post and I am mentally kicking myself for staying up this late so far, and continuing to rob myself of sleep.  Naptime didn’t really happen today.  Little Mr. is a chatty fellow when he needs to be snoozing.  We are early-to-bed people around here these days.  Kids take a lot of energy to raise!  Ok so we only have one at the moment, but he’s a fireball.  I do sometimes feel the need to stay up later and re-establish my mental adulthood, which might be why I’m typing now.  Anybody know what I’m talking about?  Usually, though, my need to for face-planting onto the flannel sheets surpasses that desire (belly flops slowly becoming less of an option as kid #2 becomes evident).  

Well then, much has happened in the past months though on here you got only silence from me.  Library internet with kid in tow did not make for very productive blogging.  Good news!  We have internet in our home now, and we have a different home, too!  We’re renting again (thank God–and I meant that–that our last place was not under a lease), and it is a place in town.  I like nature, don’t get me wrong, but living up there in the mountain made me realize I do a lot better psychologically if I see other human beings besides those in our family more than once a week. This extrovert needs to be around people, even if I never talk to them!  But I probably will if they’re within earshot.  And now I can take the kiddo on walks in the stroller on the sidewalk and not have to pack us up in the van to go to a bike-trail-thingy.  The best thing about this new place (besides lack of icky bug and spider infestation and leaky roof) is that it was built in 1924 (updated with safe paint, modern pipes and wiring, so no lead or fire hazards) and I find it very inspiring to be in.  Glass doorknobs, skeleton key locks, original wood floors, radiant heat (you know, those boxed-in radiators you can sit on to warm your bum up!), and even a claw-foot tub!  Oh yeah, and a wrap-around porch with swing (just need an outdoor kitty sitting on it).  Plenty of room so we don’t have to rent a storage facility since we’d feared we’d have to either do that or seriously downsize (dude, we didn’t even and still don’t have couches yet…I realllly didn’t want to downsize more….that would mean my art stuff) to get a decent place to live in around here.  The place makes me want to read up on Art Nouveau and the decorating styles of the 1920s.  Moving is a hassle, but I am so thankful to have found this place and am excited to live in an old house for at least the next year.   

Today I made cookie dough with garbanzo beans, peanut butter, honey in the food processor and then added chocolate chips.  I think I was supposed to use vanilla but I forgot it (plus I made my own with vodka and I would feel weird about using it while expecting even if it is just a tsp or two since I planned to eat the dough–no eggs!–and not bake it).  My taste-testing toddler assistant couldn’t get enough of it.  Now I have three ways I enjoy chickpeas–plain on salad, as hummus, and now as cookie dough.  Who woulda thought?!

Ok, it’s 9:05 and to me that’s REALLY gettin’ late!  Night-night!

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