The Muse

I am blessed to have the honor of introducing my friend and her artwork.  This lovely artist never ceases to amaze me with the amount of enthusiasm about creativity that exudes from her being.  Not only does she use her talents (she has so many–from dressmaking to drawing,painting, playing music, cooking, and many more) for her personal enjoyment, but she frequently shares them with others, as in the photo below.  The artwork shown originated when she saw a snapshot of this little guy in a clothes-basket and transposed it into a vintage-sign-inspired colored-pencil piece of art.  Another friend remarked how it was crazy that a “commercial piece of art” on my wall resembled him so much, to which I replied that it’s crazy because it is him in actuality, and that the artist was so talented to be able to create this one-of-a-kind rendition of him!

This was not the first time I was blown away by her talent and generosity.  Early on in our friendship she presented me with an embellished green (my favorite color) crushed-velvet over-the-shoulder purse that was perfect for fitting an incredible amount of stuff into it.  It was so handy since I was a college student at the time and frequently stuffed snacks and other random necessities into it…sometimes I wonder what wouldn’t fit in it, without it looking gigantic!  Remember Mary Poppins’ bag?  Something like that.  One would not expect someone so sweet, beautiful, kind, and especially intelligent (her profession is in the complicated computer realm, which I understand next to nothing about) to be so wholesome and down-to-earth.  We enjoy talking about art, motherhood, and life in general together.  She is my friend, but also my artistic Muse.  I have a feeling you’ll be seeing more of her as my featured artist in the future because she never stops being creative and inspiring me.


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